Faculty members in the Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment with early-stage technologies and research projects that have significant potential commercial value are invited to apply to participate in HUGrow.

We welcome proposals in all research areas of the Faculty, but preference will be given to the following areas:

Food & Nutrition

  • Personalized nutrition or food (e.g. data analytics)
  • Alternative food sources (e.g. algae, seeds, insects)
  • 3D and 4D printing inventions
  • Sensory evaluation (e.g. artificial tongue, nose)
  • Water quality (nano filtration, sterilization)
  • Healthy, smart and ecofriendly food preservation/packaging solutions


  • Farm and livestock management
  • 3D and 4D printing based inventions
  • Smart technologies (sensors, data analytics and monitoring tools, mobile applications, self-learning systems)
  • Microbial or natural products for crop protection or crop enhancement
  • Synthetic biology based production of rare ingredients
  • Modified genetics of seeds/plants/animals with unique properties
  • Urban farming

Application Eligibility

Every professor is allowed to suggest one or more early-stage technologies or novel concepts that were invented or initiated/developed in their research lab; technologies developed in collaboration with another lab either at Hebrew University or another university are also eligible.

Each professor must nominate a Project Manager who is at the MSc level at a minimum. Graduates, post docs, or external entrepreneurs can be nominated as Project Managers as well. In the absence of a Project Manager, the HUGROW staff will attempt to identify and propose one.

The Project Manager will be coached by HUGROW mentors throughout the project, and will be required to participate in weekly workshops and training sessions during the first two months of the program.

Project Managers must have an interest in learning about innovation, business, industry, regulation, and project management.

The lab must disclose in the application all sources of previous funding and declare any prior communication with industry or Yissum on the suggested project.