HUGROW Projects

Agtech Projects


Transgenic Resistance Plants

Dr. Mosquna aims to develop genetically modified plants (GMO) that are resistant to herbicides.

Dr. Assaf Mosquna


Bio-Friendly Crop Protection Agent

This crop protection agent against disease is a low cost and environmentally friendly alternative to typical copper-based pesticides. It is being developed through a random peptide mixture.

Dr. Zvi Hayouka
Prof. Saul Burdman


Novel Therapeutic Protein Production Platform

Prof. Wolf is working on a plant based system is to develop proteins from plants at the at the phloem sap" level to improve protein functionality.

Prof. Shmuel Wolf


Novel Breeding Scheme for Potato

The development of a new seed propagation method will include a unique selection system and low cost shipping.

Prof. Haim Rabinowitch
Prof. David Levy

Foodtech & Watertech Projects


Hollow Multi-layered Edible Capsule

This novel texturing method for edible capsules intensifies the mechanical resistance of hollow hydrocolloid capsules without increasing their diameter. 

Prof. Amos Nussinovitch


Reduced Calorie Sugar Mixtures

Healthy non sugar sweeteners are in high demand. This technology is a sweetness enhancer developed from the principles of chemistry – in this case, chemoinformatics, rather than  biology.  

Prof. Masha Niv

Water Purification with Reusable Carbon

Removing water pollutants is always a top priority. The development of this Nanotube composite material for the removal of water pollutants has potential at both the domestic and industrial levels. 

Prof. Benny Chefetz


Removal of Various Micropollutants

Standard procedures for removing micropollutantsf from water involve charcoal at a high cost. This technology is developing polymer-clay sorbents for the removal of water pollutants

Prof. Yael Mishael